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The TRUSTING Users Board: Shaping the Future of Mental Health Care Together

In an innovative step towards integrating the perspectives of patients and clinicians into the heart of mental health research and technology development, the TRUSTING project announces the creation of the TRUSTING Users Board (TRUSB). 

This European research project, funded by the European Commission, aims to develop a user-friendly, trustworthy application designed for home use. Its core objective is to identify speech deviations indicative of a potential psychotic relapse, thereby facilitating early intervention and support.

The idea behind the TRUSTING Users Board (TRUSB) stems from a growing recognition of the critical role that patients and clinicians play in healthcare innovation. Their lived experience and professional expertise are key to making research patient-focused and ensuring technological solutions are attuned to real-world needs. This collaborative effort aligns with the European Union’s emphasis on patient involvement in health research as a prerequisite for funding, reflecting a broader shift towards patient empowerment in healthcare decision-making.

The TRUSB will be split into two subgroups: TRUSB-P for patients and TRUSB-C for clinicians, each bringing invaluable insights to the development of a state-of-the-art AI monitoring tool. 

Integrated by individuals with lived experience of psychosis and clinicians specialising in its treatment, the TRUSB is tasked with guiding the project’s direction, ensuring that the AI tool developed is trustworthy, and user-friendly. They will work alongside researchers, contributing to the design of a Random Clinical Trial (RCT), shaping strategic communications, and assisting in the development of an educational course. 

As the project progresses, the TRUSB will continue to play a crucial role in bridging the gap between technological innovation and practical application, ensuring the development of tools that are not only effective but also deeply resonant with the needs of those they are designed to help. 

Join the TRUSTING Users Board – Patients!

If you are a motivated individual with personal experiences of psychosis, proficient in English and would like to join forces with clinicians, we encourage you to join the TRUSB by sending your application to Erik Van der Eycken at or via

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